Inclusion Strategies

Not all people in our society have the same opportunities. Our goal is to enable people with different preconditions to participate independently and actively in social life.

strength · empowerment · connection

Through our work we want to break down barriers, make work environments more needs-based, enable people to find their own inner strengths, and help them to overcome limitations.
We see diversity as a valuable opportunity and since 2009 have firmly anchored the idea of ​​inclusion in the DKB STIFTUNG and its subsidiaries. Another integral part of our sustainable social engagement is learning for the present and the future; to recognize conflicts, and to sensitively perceive the needs of others and act with foresight. In cooperation with the theatre EUKITEA and the Memorial to German Resistance (Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand), we offer historical-political education for children and adolescents. We combine this preventative work with plays and opportunities for exchange. In this way, alternative options for action are investigated and respectful cooperation is learned.



START Adventure Weeks Gnewikow

The START Foundation supports young people with migration backgrounds in their education with the aim of helping to lay the groundwork for social change. Located in Gnewikow, on the shores of Lake Ruppin, the START Foundation has found a place where scholarship holders can benefit from personal development through shared social and experience-oriented learning in new and creative environments that differ from the school system. In meeting different people from a variety of cultures, a special atmosphere was created that brought the participants into direct contact with each other and encouraged an exchange of ideas. Learning to face conflicts, sensitively perceiving the needs of others, and acting with foresight are important components of the experience.  Professional trainers and alumni of the START program accompanied the participants during the adventure week and were on hand for any needed help and advice. We, the DKB FOUNDATION see diversity as a valuable opportunity and therefore support the START Foundation in strengthening people's personal development and breaking down intercultural barriers.
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Five Little Pieces for Peace

Two peace researchers from the Universe set off once again to visit the Earth to get an idea of ​​the progress made towards peace.  It’s a delicate mission, but luckily, in meeting a girl called Viola, they discover that despite resistance peace continues to grow on Earth. The idea of ​​the Peace Circle is born of creativity, enthusiasm and the deep need to overcome injurious structures, so that a joyous life can unfold for each individual and the community as a whole. The show is cheerful and deeply touching with lots of music and movement. It’s a play that triggers the courage and joy to achieve peace! Rather than abstract theory and morality, the EUKITEA theatre group focuses on creative approaches to "building peace in the everyday environment" using practical tools and tips that are both suitable for and directly applicable to young people. These are effectively supported by the power of storytelling via theatre and incorporated into exciting story lines, where in addition to the theme’s intensity, both cheerfulness and humour also have their place. No moral finger pointing occurs, but rather the courage to adopt both a clear attitude and message that facilitates peace. The play is part of our ‘Autumn Theme’. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War on 11 November 2018 and the ongoing conflict situations in Germany and the world, we look at what options may exist for dealing with armed conflicts and what perspectives are needed to ensure new beginnings and resulting peace. The DKB FOUNDATION is giving away three performances of the play to school classes. Especially recommended is the play for Years 5 to 7. Schools across Germany can participate in the raffle, until the deadline on the 09.11.2018.  Which school should "Five Little Pieces for Peace" visit? Write an e-mail to The draw takes place on the 11.11.2018.  Winners will be selected at random and then notified in writing. The judges’ decision is final. All collected data will be used exclusively for the purpose of the competition and for no other purpose. The participants have at any time the right to obtain information about their data, its correction or deletion. Further information about the ‘Autumn Theme’ can be found here. Further information on data protection can be found here.
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