House Nr 1 in the Potsdamer Alexandrovka

House Nr 1 in the Potsdamer Alexandrovka

King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia had the Russian colony of Alexandrowka created in Potsdam in 1826/27 for the last twelve Russian singers of a choir which had formerly consisted of 62 soldiers. He named the colony Alexandrovka in memory of Tsar Alexander I who died in 1825.

In its present form, the landscape concept was designed by Peter Joseph Lenné and featured the ground plan of a hippodrome, within which a St. Andrew's Cross was laid. The 13 Russian-style houses with wooden façades are inspired by the designs of the Italian-Russian architect Carlo Rossi.

House No. 1, the so-called “Supervisor’s House” is situated in the middle of the Alexandrowka colony. The DKB FOUNDATION acquired the property in 2005 in a renovated condition.

As part of the Potsdam cultural landscape, Alexandrowka has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990 and has been under monument protection since 1977.

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