Youth Village on Lake Ruppin

Youth Village on Lake Ruppin

The Youth Village and its neighbouring manor house is situated on Lake Ruppin near to Neurippen.

In 2002, the International Youth Village Gnewikow was founded, to which the manor house was added following a comprehensive renovation in 2004. We took over management of the Youth Village five years later and since 2009 have been carrying out activities and projects in the field of education and social affairs. These include, the Berlin-Brandenburg Children's Choir Workshop, which we initiated together with the Landesmusikrat Brandenburg (State Music Council, Brandenburg) and the summer camp futOUR + of the German Children and Youth Foundation. The Youth Village is part of the disability-friendly company operated by our subsidiary, the not-for-profit DKB Stiftung Liebenberg GmbH.

The manor, built by von Wolldecks, passed into the ownership of the bourgeois family Jacobs in 1844. The Jacobs expanded the house and made it into a stately building with a late-Classicist façade, with an outside staircase leading to the estate park on the shores of the lake.

After World War II, the manor house was expropriated and used to house an engineering school for water management. The late fifties-built extension was used a training centre for agricultural occupations.

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